Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Those nasty sexual harassers

I was contacted via my website,, and have a new satisfied customer.

Lupita is from Honduras, having come to the U.S. illegally with her sister for work.  After arriving in Tampa she was lucky to hook up with a house cleaning service that did not require such things as Green Cards and social security numbers. And the great thing was that the boss, whom we will call "Phil", paid in cash at the end of each day.

So everything was going fine. She was learning English and socking away money to take back to Honduras where she hoped to open a small restaurant for her mother and herself. The customers often gave her tips, which helped, and she shared an apartment with her sister and 4 other women to cut expenses.

Then the problems began. Phil knew she was illegal and began demanding sex or she would be fired, then turned in to immigration. She fought him off for a while and tried to never be alone with him, keeping her sister or another worker with her as much as she could. Then her sister took sick. You can guess what happened. Phil attempted to rape her and threatened her again with violence and the loss of her job. She got away but was now terrified.

Lupita is not a stupid person.  In Honduras she  graduated from high school and was taking a few college classes as she could afford them. She knew she could not go to the police nor any labor department in the government.  If it had happened in Honduras her family would take care of Phil but she had no one willing to help her here.

So she went to the library and used their computer to contact, my website. She emailed me, laying out the details, including all she knew about Phil.  I investigated and agreed to take the case. I am not a charity but discounted my fee and sent her the standard email with instructions on how to send the first half payment, the rest being due if I was successful. She complied, I got the retainer and took over.

Phil was the boss, but did not own the company. I found they offered free estimates for a regular weekly cleaning service and that Phil was the estimater.  I rented a furnished apartment under one of my aliases and called the company for an estimate. Phil showed up.

Later that week I visited the owner of the company. After he saw my video of Phil assaulting me and after I threatened to go public, the owner decided the best course of action was to let Phil go. Of course the video was fake, having been created by me using some internet porno footage and creative editing using the secret video I had taken of Phil. As a bonus I sent some of the photos to Phil's wife, and made a half dozen hang up calls to her on my disposable cell. I expect his life is now a bit of hell.

Lupita was happy with the result, though she would, I think, have preferred that I had given Phil a severe beating as well.

That would have been the next option.

Talk to you all again.


Watch for the book, coming soon,


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